Friday, 16 October 2009

Pity da fool and stay in school

The A team is being remade. Why? If anyone wants to watch the A Team they can just watch the original. I know that good ideas are running out when it comes to movies but seriously, no one could possible remake the A Team well. It was sheer genius and it can never be recreated. When I think of the A Team what springs to mind is B.A. Baracus. The man who defined the A Team.

Mr T was a man who could do jewellery.

This Halloween when you're dressing up how about paying homage to Mr T and dressing like him.

First, you will require a very small waistcoat. It needs to be childsize unless you are stacked like Mr T. I would recommend the one on this page as he usually wore a leather one but a gold one would do perfectly too. Alternatively go topless but make sure you've got the chest rug to suit.

The next most important part of Mr T was the hair. He says he was inspired by a Mandinka warrior - he wanted to be true to his African origins. The hair is a bit tricky. If you're up for it you could actually create his hair by shaving the sides of your hair off. Alternatively, you can get a wig like this
It's also a good idea to start growing some facial hair in advance.

For the bottom half of your outfit you should get some army trousers from an army surplus store - look them up in your phone book. Add a large blingin belt. The other option is lycra leggings but you've got to have the bum for it.

The final and most important ingredient is the jewelry. Mr T didn't buy expensive jewelry, he just had a lot of it. I would recommend going to a hardware store and getting a few gold plug chains and a few gold security chains. A few of these would be good
You can make the medallions using some cardboard painted gold with glitter on them.

Whatever you do, don't paint yourself brown if you are white. It's offensive and unnecessary. Anyone can channel Mr T, whatever your skin colour.

So there you have it. This year lets all dress as Mr T and pay homage to his brilliance which will never be replaced. As the great man said, "Be somebody...or be somebody's fool!".


  1. Well, New World Monkey, I have just completed my look and I most definitely do not think it's Halloween - I think I'm rockin'! I have the Mr. T hair (although with a couple of unintended razor cuts - I did it myself at home)and I have gone for the lycra option because I have a world class bum. I have the jewellery (I adapted a necklace with procelain roses for the purpose). I was going to go for the topless option, despite sparse chest hair, but was politely asked to put something on by a neighbour. I may try the look elsewhere, though - where the neighbours are less, you know, raised eyebrow in approach! Thanks for the tips but I do not think the look is Halloween because it isn't scary - it's just plain cool!

  2. Hehe your look sounds 'interesting'. I think in America people just wear anything on halloween - it doesn't have to be scary.

  3. That's as may be New World Monkey - but I live in England and am of the opinion if one is going to celebrate an ancient celtic ritual (originally called samhain) then one should dress for the occasion!