Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gorillas in the mist

Jewelry for men is always a hard one. Some love to see a nice forearm accessorized with a bit of bling but many think it’s a bit effete. Well it turns out that in Hollywood someone else has been pondering this dilemma too and they’ve come up with a ‘solution’. I bet you’re expecting it to be some kind of renowned jewelry designer such as H. Stern. Nope. It’s that exceptionally talented designer who has been plying at her trade for decades – yes it’s Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Turns out playing Meadow Soprano gives you an insight into what men want.

Whilst working on the set of Entourage, Jamie-Lynn somehow discovered that what men need is a charm bracelet. Now most people wouldn’t associate charm bracelets with alpha males but apparently that’s who’s buying them. Yes it does look like a plug chain with a gorilla attached but wait it starts at $500 so it must be worth it – right? I mean if all those alpha males on entourage are loving it then it’s gotta be good. Oh and the fact that it has a gorilla attached is a very subtle way of sending the message – me big man, you little man. Erm… wait there lies the rub. Are there any alpha males on the entourage set? I mean I know these days having a lot of money qualifies you as an alpha male but really…since when did a bunch of immature, actors count as alpha males?? So I propose that yes charm bracelets are great for men. But maybe only for men who are not alpha men.


  1. Hi,

    I'm a big fan of entourage but I just can't believe that they wear this stuff. As it happens the bracelet doesn't look bad for mens' jewelry but it's all a bit too try-hard bling for me...

  2. I know a number of men who could greatly benefit from a bit of charm, in bracelet form or otherwise! I agree with New World Monkey that £500 is a lot, but if it gets your mojo going and you have more money than sense and you happen to like your jewellery designers to be actors, then you could do worse than a gorilla on your wrist.

  3. Yep, I guess it just depends on whether you like the bracelet or not. I think it looks pretty cheap for $500