Thursday, 22 October 2009

Famous Jewellery Wearers

We've already covered Mr T., an iconic jewellery wearer by most people's standards. Second in this series called "Famous Jewellery Wearers" is going to be Mike D from the Beastie Boys.

The Beastie Boys are hip hop icons, famous for their music, attitudes and look. The look most associated with the Beastie Boys was Mike D's wearing of the Volkswagen emblems. Between 1986 and 1987 owners of Volkswagens suffered from fans of the Beastie Boys stealing their hood emblems. The VW badge became known as a symbol of lawless cool. It became such an issue that Volkswagen began offering free emblems to people who wanted them in order to protect owners of their cars.

As an owner of a VW, I'd prefer if people didn't copy this trend but I do think that it shows that a lot of the time, being a jewellery icon doesn't involve spending a lot of money. It just involves doing something original. Let me know who springs to mind when you think of famous jewellery wearers or jewellery icons.


  1. What was the reasoning behind his choice of the VW logo?

    I am hoping to start a new fashion trend in my community - I am wearing navel flowers! I crochet little flowers which I then attach to pipe cleaners and insert in my belly button - they poke out and draw the eye to my very toned tummy area. The look is more suited to summer but if you wear a shirt you can position the flower so that it sticks out between buttons. Colour co-ordination is possible. it hasn't taken on yet in my community but it has drawn what I consider to be very admiring glances from many (some sniggers too!).

  2. Interesting idea!