Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Using decals to decorate

Like many people my age, I live in a rented apartment. I really have no desire to leap into owning a house anytime soon. Much as owning my own little nook would be nice, I don't want to be tied to a mortgage or have to worry about maintenance. It's great to be free from owning any real furniture and it's great to know that I can leave my job without stressing quite so much. However, the one massive flaw in renting is that you can't decorate your apartment properly.

My apartment is white EVERYWHERE. I mean there is no colour at all. I could try painting small sections like cupboards - my landlord is not averse to the idea - but I don't want to invest in paintbrushes nor do I want to risk the serious mistakes that can happen with paint. I also live abroad and will be returning home at some point so I cannot invest in good paintings or wall hangings.

One day, loitering around on Etsy, I discovered wall decals. These are basically high-end stickers. You can buy them in numerous colours and designs and then just stick them on your wall. They are made from top quality self-adhesive vinyl and can be stuck to a wall and removed when you leave.

I did a quick search on etsy and found Byrdie Graphics - an etsy store specialising in wall decals and wall patterns. My purchase was incredibly cheap and Byrdie Graphics ship worldwide at very reasonable rates.

A couple of weeks later, my decals arrived with an instructional postcard as well as a tester decal of a small bird. I did the tester as advised and all went well. The main decals were quite tricky to put up. You need to make sure that you get them straight and centered which in itself can be quite hard. On top of that, they are seriously sticky once you have taken one side of the backing off. We nearly went wrong a couple of times but we got the hang of it and soon our breakfast bar was looking quite a lot jazzier than it had that morning. We did get a few air bubbles but they are only visible if you look very closely.

The decals even got the sniff approval from our cat Scampi.