Wednesday, 12 May 2010

First donation to Argos Animal Shelter

At the weekend, I made my first donation to Argos Animal Shelter Cyprus. It wasn't a lot of money, just 20% of my profits so far on my jewellery sales. I think it will still make a difference as it was enough to buy a couple of bulk bags of animal food.

Argos Animal Shelter looks after more than 200 abandoned cats and dogs. They really need all the money that they can get! Hopefully people will keep on buying jewellery and I can keep on giving donations.


  1. what a lovely gesture the world needs more people like you. Your a star

  2. that's awesome that you're doing that! :D

  3. Good for you! A wonderful thing to do. It inclines me to buy your jewellery because I'd know some of my money would be passed on to a worthy cause.